Mitto + AI = Optimized Message Routing

A business’s first contact with consumers often establishes the foundation for long-term success. In an increasingly digital marketplace, application-to-person (A2P) communication facilitates this initial impression. CPaaS solutions bridge this gap and make sure that companies remain in front of their audience at all times. Whether it’s SMS content about an upcoming retail promotion or a two-factor authentication (2FA) code for access to an app, A2P channels are becoming more ubiquitous. Mitto has emerged from this field as a leader in providing a tailored CX for their clients. Mitto’s solutions are found in some of the largest social media, eCommerce, and on-demand services companies in the world.

Prior to enabling their SMS solution via API, Mitto was a wholesale provider that managed global traffic for other communications entities. As these wholesale customers expanded further into major markets and emerging regions, Mitto continued to engineer their existing platform to ensure traffic was routed effectively – including constant analysis of routes that would be fastest and to avoid routes that would encounter latency. “The truly unique element of our platform is that we have test devices that we’ve placed in various parts of the world,” explains COO, Ilja Gorelik. “We constantly receive information from the devices by sending test SMS content that gives us real-time feedback about the quality of the routes through which we would direct our customers’ traffic. We have AI powering this constant feedback from tens of thousands of test devices. That feeds into our monitoring system, which then proactively decides which route will be used for each destination.”

AI That Balances Costs and Improves CX

In addition to maximizing message delivery speeds through proactive route adjustments, Mitto’s customers also benefit from the platform’s ability to ensure cost-effectiveness of omni-channel communications in two key ways. Firstly, with high-quality routing, customers do not have to pay for multiple delivery attempts or, worse, entirely undelivered content. Secondly, through real-time identification of traffic by use case, the system works dynamically to select routing by priority of message type (mission-critical vs. less time-sensitive). This results in pricing that reflects strategic usage of multiple delivery paths and a balanced ratio for Mitto’s customers of both quality and cost.

“We often take on enablement of customer communications from brands that previously worked with a competitor in the CPaaS space,” Gorelik continues. “These customers experienced low conversion rates and high churn as a result of end-users not receiving messages and information in a timely manner. A user may register for an application that requires a PIN to be sent or sign up for a promotion that earns them a coupon. The expectation is to receive that information in a matter of seconds. When enterprises come to our platform, latency in communications is no longer an issue, and they are able to ensure a higher percentage of conversions throughout the customer lifecycle.”

Mitto monitors delivery speed and conversion rates to ensure optimal end-user experience and that their system is meeting the performance needs of their customers.

“We recently completed a case study with a global rideshare brand. They were experiencing significant user abandonment due to message delays and failures with their previous SMS provider. This was a critical issue as they were trying to grow in new markets. Once they switched to Mitto, their registration conversion rates increased by 20%”

Looking towards the future, Mitto has plans to further leverage AI to enhance their routing capabilities and increase accessibility to available traffic data and insights to customers. Ultimately, clients will be better supported with intuitive services and exert guidance and support that will enable growth on a larger scale.

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